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sexy girlfriend in frilly panties

I have one of the sexiest girlfriends in the world. We were invited to a friends house to sleep over and do some drinking. This friend is somebody she has known since grade school. She is still smoking hot at forty. I am talking drop dead gorgeous. Every single guy I know that has met her has taken spank bank snapshots of her with second and third looks. But she isn’t the subject of my post. My own girlfriend is.

When I met my girlfriend I knew she was the one for me once she dropped her drawers. She has one of the most perfect cleft of Venus pussies I have ever laid my eyes on and in this job I have seen quite a few. There was just one issue with her. She shaved her pussy in such a way that it kind of looked like… Hitler.

Within days of meeting her I encouraged her to go completely bald. She wasn’t sure about it so I showed her the hairs I was pulling out of my mouth each time I ate her pussy. She felt bad about the public floss and agreed to shave herself bare. Since that day I have eaten her out every chance I can get. It helps that her pussy doesn’t smell like anything other than her skin. Her pussy nectar tastes like nothing else I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot of pussy!

Flash forward to our night at her friends house. My girlfriend’s friend noticed she has some pretty visible panty lines. After a while I could tell it was bugging her seeing them. Her friend knew that she used to wear thongs, so what was up with the panty lines? Before long she couldn’t help herself and she just had to ask about them.

My GF pulled down her sweats (it was a cold night of drinking) and showed off her lace trimmed panties. Her friend got this disgusted look on her face. She told my GF how they looked like little girls panties. Why would a grown woman wear little girls panties? She then shot me a disgusted look as well.

That was when the friend’s husband blurts out, "I dunno, they look sexy to me."

Oops! This sent her into a huff as she wondered allowed what was wrong with people.

So my GF pulls down her panties and flashes her beaver to her friend. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. Her friends eyes got even wider in shock. She stuck a finger into my chest asking me if I was some kind of pervert that liked little girls or something. She wanted to know why I was doing this to her friend.

And then her husband blurts out, "What is wrong with it? I think it looks delicious!" It didn’t help that he added, "I bet you don’t have to pick pubes out of your teeth when you are down there."

Her friend actually began to cry. After a while she calmed down. It was a little awkward until she sobered up the next day.

My girlfriend just got a call from her. Apparently she relented and shaved her own pussy. She loves it! She even bought some of those "retro" panties. LOL

I love my sexy GF!

animated gif of a girl in pink lace panties giving a pantyjob couch dance

You can view pussy pics on a mobile phone or you can watch full length videos. I do both, but mostly I prefer girls to keep their panties on. There is something extra sexy about a girl that keeps a portion of herself hidden for a while. Mobile tubes like have lots of girls in panties. You can search the site for pantyjobs to find most of them.

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Indulge In Beautiful Escorts Wearing Fancy, Sexy Lingerie

Recently I was asked by a female friend of mine why I use escorts and have pretty much avoided having romantic relationships. There are many reasons I can give. When you frequent high class escorts you find that regular women are no match for them. Escorts wear the fancy, sexy lingerie most women wouldn’t be caught dead in and wouldn’t look this good in anyway. They are always happy and excited to see you. If you come back often you can negotiate a lower rate and have the girlfriend experience without the added hassle of actually having a girlfriend. Oh, and they don’t get jealous when you "date" their coworkers. Try that one at the office!

I obviously have a fetish for hot women in sexy panties. More often than not I have a hard time finding women that don’t mind modeling them for me. Most women get offended if you jerk off while looking at them in panties. They figure you should be having real sex if they are in your presence. Escorts understand how fetishes and fantasies work. They enjoy being the center of your obsession.

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Fashionistas say it all of the time, "Accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE!"

Now you can get your special someone this innovative little bullet vibrator that doubles as a little gem. She can place the bullet vibe anywhere she desires inside her panties and then hold it in place using the magnetic gem outside of her panties. With the touch of a button this little "vibrator that could" will send her to new heights without anybody knowing she is pleasuring herself. Provided she can manage not moaning in ecstasy!

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Gabrielle Klein Zishy photo galleries

To say that I miss my days of high school wouldn’t be enough. It isn’t so much that I miss all of the jailbait pussy you can bang while there so much as it is the age of innocence that is now lost. It is so fucking hard to find a girl in her thirties or forties that still has that spunky attitude all of the girls had in high school. Life has a way of sucking that out of you.

upskirt panties shot of a girl in a tree

Does your wife or girlfriend still give you teaser shots like this one from Gabrielle Klein of If not don’t worry about it. You don’t have to leave her and go find yourself at the local community college. Those girls aren’t banging older guys unless they are in charge of the grades they receive. Just get your own pass to Zishy!


The owner of Zishy is an excellent photographer with an eye for beauty like no other. He finds the hottest girls that have that girl next door quality about them. You literally feel like you are being transported back in time.

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selfie pics of girls in lingerie

Holy shit. It looks like somebody is getting fucked tonight. By an angel in a selfie pic wearing lingerie no less. I wish I had somebody sending this kind of shit to me. Hey, mofos reading my blog. If you have pics of your wife or girlfriend and she is this fucking hot please send them in so I can post them here! selfies at

It seems as if porn is taking over the planet. Selfies just became a dictionary work you can now use against you mom in Scrabble. Didn’t see that one coming. Still can’t use MILF though. It is an acronym and they are not allowed. Who knows though… maybe porn will change that too?

When you are done masturbating to my blog and the stories I write here you can go to for another round of masturbatory workouts. You can never work that front muscle enough you know!

Webcams are in an odd stage of development right now. I like them right where they are and hope they never leave. About fifteen years ago all webcam models were total skanks. I don’t know where they came from, but I sure wished they’d go back to that place. Then they switched to only being total professionals. There were no soccer moms or girls next door to gawk at. Now the free sex chat niche is filled with amateur girls that are hot and professional girls too. It is a win-win.

An example would be the amateur free chat model in green panties stroking her shaved pussy on video. How fucking awesome is that? She is a total knockout as far as soccer moms go.

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wet panties

About three weeks before Christmas I was surfing through some of my favorite panty porn links and accidentally stumbled into this girl selling her dirty panties.

Now, I’ve been a panty freak for years, but for some reason I never actually considered pulling out a credit card to buy a girl’s used panties. I was pretty skeptical and nervous, but I eventually caved to the curiosity and ordered a pair of Amy’s red satin fullbacks.

I eagerly awaited my dirty panty surprise to arrive in the mail. And each passing day brought my panty lust to a higher level of anticipation. What would they smell like? How would they taste? How would they feel wrapped around my dick?

After about eight days my wait was finally over; the panties arrived at my PO Box in a plain white padded envelope. The package was soft and pliable, so I instantly knew that Amy’s Panties were waiting inside. I didn’t even wait to get home. Right there in the post office parking lot, I ripped open the package and released the panties from their air tight plastic wrappings. The smell was incredible. Intoxicating. Breath taking.

I skipped work for the rest of the day and spent all afternoon masturbating, watching panty porn, and inhaling Amy’s feminine fragrances. Amy smells and tastes like an angel. I could tell that the panties were really worn and shipped fresh off her body. Seriously… they smelled amazing. She even included a personalized note telling me what she did while she was wearing my panties.

Conclusion: I’m very pleased with Amy and her panties. She delivered exactly what she promised (and more).

Amy, if you read this review… thank you! You know I will be back for more.


I used to think I was weird because I enjoyed looking girls pussies with their panties still on more than having them off. I guess the reason I enjoy it more is because their panties remind me of how feminine they are. The more frilly their panties the better.

Usually I will lick their pussies through their panties first. I like to see how wet their crotch gets. Then I switch to licking them skin to skin with their panties pulled to the side. Using this method they cum within a minute of going skin-to-skin. Some cum while I was still licking them through their panties.


The mons on the girl above is amazing. Her pussy is a perfect little Cleft of Venus ready to be eaten. I could eat her out for hours on end and enjoy every single second of it. I bet you her pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola!

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Super Soft and Sexy Satin Panties

Where does one go for a pair of super soft and sexy satin panties like these girls from TNV Girls are wearing? As it turns out you have a lot of options. By far one of the easiest is to go to Ebay and look up soft satin panties. There are a lot of sellers. The only problem will be that shipping them can get expensive. Another option is to just pop into your local department store. Stores like Kohls, JCPenny, Macys and more have lots of super soft satin panties in their stores that don’t even show up on their web stores.

For me I chose to get them from Ebay. Then I got myself a subscription to TNVGirls so that I could masturbate with those super soft silky panties you see on the site. I also got a wide range of white cotton panties as well.

I love this site because the girls do a lot of kissing and they stay in their panties for a very long time. It is very much work a look. Trust me on that one!

Check out the entire set of soft satin panty pics on my other blog.

74_aTattooedCutie_3 74_aTattooedCutie_1

My friends all think I am a strange motherfucker when it comes to sex. I think I am normal, but then that might just be how I see things through my own skewed view of the world. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my days and most of them happened while I was having sex. So yeah, maybe I am a little "off" when it comes to sex. Who cares as long as you are getting what is needed to feel good?

My desire for the rough and tough began when I hadn’t even hit puberty yet. A girl on my street cornered me one day and stuck her hand into my pants. She beat me off until I orgasmed and then she finished herself off too. All I could remember was how sexy her bright yellow panties were.

Later on she ended up being my first fuck. She would walk around her house wearing only a tankini and a thong. Her mom would tell her to put something more on, but she never listened. I would dream all day of fucking her. She knew it the whole time. Eventually she let me dip my cock in her hot snatch.

I came inside her and she made me clean her up. She told me that was normal. I didn’t know any better so I developed a taste for my own cum. Tasting that meant the sex was good for both of us. Hell, I was happy just being able to lick a pussy that first time!

I miss her, but I don’t miss the sex. I get to have that sick and twisted version of sex every night will girls like ATattooedCutie online. She has just as twisted of a mind as my old crush did. It is funny too because she gives me a look as if she knows exactly where I am coming from when I make requests for stuff like an anal webcam show.

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Sexy MILF cam babe playing with herself

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KinkyRosie does live shows without no restrictions on free members. You can watch the entire show. She gets fully nude and masturbates too. If you want her to keep her clothes on and give you a personal show you will have to tip her some credits though. As an example: I gave her $15 worth of credits and had her doing pretty much anything I wanted while she still had her panties on. She thought I was a little silly since my requests were for her to sit Indian style or slowly expose one side of her pussy for me. Hey, I don’t care. I got what I wanted and I didn’t have to pay $150 for it!

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Jessica Case was a little apprehensive about doing a nude photo shoot with only a pair of panties on when Cosmid came calling. She was used to people talking crap about her voluptuous body. In the beginning she chalked it off to jealousy, but over time the words began to sting. So the idea of exposing every nook and cranny of her body to the world was a bit of a shocker to this sexy ginger.

Now that Jessica has had some time to read her fan mail she is very happy about her decision to pose for Cosmid. Guys and girls from all over the world have written in to tell her how beautiful she is. Many of the guys, and even a few of the girls, have given her marriage proposals!

Cosmid is keeping Internet porn real. Really fucking awesome. They shoot the girls most people have jerked off to on many an occasion, but somehow the girl never made it into a porno mag. Well, it is high time for something like this. Here is to Cosmid for having enough balls to do something like this!

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Back in my day you would pick up a phonebook and call some number only to find out that the girl they described was not the girl that showed up to your motel room. With Aurum you can see exactly who you are ordering online, even on your cell phone. Your London call girl will more than meet your expectations for beauty.

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Samantha Kelly

I was recounting to a buddy of mine about how I had once fucked a girl in the shower before and he tells me about how I can get that same experience back. He had been frequenting a cam club called and they have a system setup so you can watch gold shows. It is basically where you split the bill among several guys in the room. So that $269 you see in the picture was split where I actually paid only 6 bucks. Some of the other guys paid as much as $50. I guess they have a bigger heart than I do.

Anway… My story was about a girl that was going to take a shower for me in her bra and panties. They went see through while she was in there. After a while she started to encourage me to jerk myself off. After several minutes of this I relented and came by the bucket load within a minute. Then we had some steamy sex in the shower.

So my buddy tells me about gold shows and I login and try it out. Seeing Samantha Kelly in the shower brought it all back. Her huge tits were popping out of that top she was wearing. Her panties went see through just like my girlfriends. Before long she was encouraging the guys to jerk off for her. Just like my previous encounter I came in no time at all, but the show hadn’t even started yet.

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