I’m starting to freak out a little and would you like to know why? It all started a few months ago when I started using discreet Escorts in Harrow for sexy fun. I’ve been seen out and about with them by a few of my friends now and they’re starting to wonder how someone like me can get all these gorgeous women.

I am not telling them my secret as I don’t want them having the same sort of A-level fun I’ve having with all these cute escorts. You can call me a bad friend if you like, or even say I’m greedy, if that was you being able to have time alone with some of the sexiest girls around would you be so willing to tell the world how you were doing it? I didn’t think so!

At least for the moment I am going to keep my little secret to myself, and well I hope you do as well. There’s plenty of female escorts in Harrow to go around but if we let the secret out suddenly we might be able to get a booking with them for weeks and I for one do not want that!