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Jessica Case was a little apprehensive about doing a nude photo shoot with only a pair of panties on when Cosmid came calling. She was used to people talking crap about her voluptuous body. In the beginning she chalked it off to jealousy, but over time the words began to sting. So the idea of exposing every nook and cranny of her body to the world was a bit of a shocker to this sexy ginger.

Now that Jessica has had some time to read her fan mail she is very happy about her decision to pose for Cosmid. Guys and girls from all over the world have written in to tell her how beautiful she is. Many of the guys, and even a few of the girls, have given her marriage proposals!

Cosmid is keeping Internet porn real. Really fucking awesome. They shoot the girls most people have jerked off to on many an occasion, but somehow the girl never made it into a porno mag. Well, it is high time for something like this. Here is to Cosmid for having enough balls to do something like this!

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