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I was on a little mission today and it was one that no matter what I wasn’t going to fail. I needed to masturbate with someone online and I wasn’t going to give up until I found just the right slut to do it with.

I guess in reality I shouldn’t be all that picky if a real slut just wants to jerk off with me should I be turning her down just because I feel that I could do better, fuck no! I think it’s just high time that I left my morals out of this and just went for it with the first horny girl that is down for some action.

I feel like I might have just found that cheeky stunner. This playful looking girl is looking very worked up and I might just tell her to remove those panties. I sure wouldn’t mind taking a closer look at that super tight looking pussy. I think we sure do have a winner here and now all I’ve got to do is make sure that I can keep up with her. I’m sure looking forward to seeing that tight girl going for it while I sit back and seize the moment!

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Why is it that a lot of American guys can’t stop talking about banging pussies? What’s the big deal? I mean, these chicks you find online on sites like are just women and you can easily find single women that are down to fuck. It’s not like this is some sort of mystery. Men finally know where to score a local sex date and they’re making the most of it.

You have to understand that part of the mystique and appeal of finding lonely wives online and banging older pussy is the fact that they are actively married. That’s right. After you fuck them, cum all over their face or their tits or let them eat your semen, they come home to their husbands. They come home to their kids. They come home to a domestic life.

There is a sense of thrill to that for some guys. They love the duality of the virgin whore complex that lonely wives tend to embody. On the one hand, she is this faithful wife that stands by her man, provides all sorts of emotional support and is the loving mommy to the kids. When the husbands and the kids leave, she then turns into this amazing insatiable whore that can’t get enough dick. It’s as if all she thinks about is dick, dick, dick, dick.

So when you see the contrast, it’s very easy to see why a lot of guys are really turned by the mystique of lonely wives. They love the contrast. The love the dichotomy.

Well, if you’re the type of guy who likes sticking your dick into lonely wives, make sure you play the game right. Otherwise, you might find yourself alienating your own wife and, guess what? She joins the army of hot, horny, lonely wives out there.

Be part of the solution. Play the game properly. Don’t get played.

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You can only pass on what you have. If you don’t respect or like yourself, what do you think will happen if you try to interact with people? Since you have not learned how to fully express love because you don’t love yourself, can you really expect yourself to truly love others?

If anything, whatever definition of love you work with, will be retarded by definition. By retarded, I’m talking about your definition is a slave to selfishness. You look at yourself as the center of the universe. You look at your perspective and your priorities and agendas as overriding anything else. I’m sorry, but if you try to love others with that mindset, at best, it would be a self-serving kind of love. At worst, it would be a sick, twisted, and ultimately, mutually destructive kind of love. It is not love at all because as defined by most philosophical traditions, love is inherently selfless.

So the bottom-line here is you have to know how to love yourself first before you can step out of yourself and give love to others. Do you see how this works with sites like ? Do you see how these logical conclusions flow into each other? The bottom-line here is that sex means transcendence. What that means is that when you have real sex with people, you are given a tremendous opportunity to transcend yourself.