My friends often call me a prude. I’m not an extremely sexual guy. I mean, I get horny like everyone else, but I haven’t had a lot of sexual partners and I’m not a fan of porn. I have taken a lot of shit over the years from guys I work with and even my friends. They relentlessly hounded me to give Cam BB a shot. They assured me I can customize my experience to satisfy whatever I’m yearning for at the time. 

I broke down and visited just to shut them up. The site is completely free so I wasn’t going to be out anything either way. I was shocked to find out I could chat live with girls in panties and not take it any further. Viewers are able to actually find the performer of their choice and just sit and talk to them. It doesn’t even have to be about sex. I’ve found several gorgeous girls that are highly intelligent and have a great sense of humor. Of course, these performers are all working for money, so every tip is appreciated, but ultimately you can watch for free if you so choose.