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I mean I don’t know if I’ll plonk my naked ass down like that in the woods. It just seems like an excellent way to get bitten by some insect and I’m a guy. What if something crawls up your punani? Could that happen? Oh gawd, the thought.

I’ve just killed sexy right there though which is actually what this is and what I meant with these girls having guts has nothing to do with the fact that she’s got her ass on the forest floor, well not exactly. It’s rather about the fact that all of the girls on this site are authentically amateurs.

By that I mean not like every other reality porn site that claims they are amateurs but then they are actually just low key porn stars. These girls are legitimately everyday girls who do this once off to knock it off their bucket list. And that must take some guts.

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I was on a little mission today and it was one that no matter what I wasn’t going to fail. I needed to masturbate with someone online and I wasn’t going to give up until I found just the right slut to do it with.

I guess in reality I shouldn’t be all that picky if a real slut just wants to jerk off with me should I be turning her down just because I feel that I could do better, fuck no! I think it’s just high time that I left my morals out of this and just went for it with the first horny girl that is down for some action.

I feel like I might have just found that cheeky stunner. This playful looking girl is looking very worked up and I might just tell her to remove those panties. I sure wouldn’t mind taking a closer look at that super tight looking pussy. I think we sure do have a winner here and now all I’ve got to do is make sure that I can keep up with her. I’m sure looking forward to seeing that tight girl going for it while I sit back and seize the moment!