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I like porn as much as the next guy, but nothing compares to these live panty cams. For me, the appeal really comes from knowing these are real women and not actresses who are all done up and performing for a paycheck. I get much more turned on walking down the street and undress babes with their eyes than I do scrolling through thumbnails of hardcore porn videos. It’s all about the authenticity of the women and the forbidden element of it all. After all, these babes are just regular women. 

There’s also the added bonus when you watch a live striptease cam that these babes are performing just for you. They really are interested in your enjoyment and love to interact with you. There’s nothing like having the attention of a beautiful woman. Especially when she’s willing to show you her hot body and tease you with her unmentionables. It’s always such a great time, and CamBB is here to connect you with these babes and help you find the perfect ones for you.