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I hope to God that this girl doesn’t come in here and read what I am about to write and take what I say the wrong way. Believe it or not models do look themselves up from time to time and usually enjoy what I write for the most part, but there have been a few that had a word or two for me. One I even met at a convention for adult webmasters. Boy was that a nightmare!

This girl isn’t super cute or pretty. To be honest she is kind of run of the mill. To guys her own age she is not a perfect 10. What she has going for her is the same thing most girls her age have going for them. Her body is hot. Her panties cling so invitingly to her firm butt. Her tits are perky. She isn’t ugly. She is the girl next door in the flesh. To guys twice her age she is a little angel. A cut above the rest. Hey, I never said I wouldn’t tap that ass.

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