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First of all buying life size sex dolls should try to buy dolls from well-known brand sites, some of the recommended sites like wmdoll, uxdoll, etc. Of course this does not prove that sex dolls from emerging sites can not be purchased, just that buying a doll on top of an emerging site, we have to spend a lot of time to get the reliability of a particular site. There are even unscrupulous sellers who will use materials that are harmful to the human body.

Doll materials

The well-known brands have strict standards for materials, some even use medical premium TPE material to produce sex doll. So the durability of the doll made is very good, and the touch will be very real. Bad sellers use materials that are not durable, harmful to human health and cracking phenomenon.


Famous brands are willing to spend money to invest, the mold is fine, the body surface is smooth and flat, and the details stand up to the test, these Elf TPE doll and anime TPE doll looks really realistic and beautiful. Some emerging manufacturers make dolls with shoddy appearance.

You may say that well-known brand dolls sell expensive, but there is a reason for the expensive, they provide more styles to choose from, such as freckle sex doll, chubby fat sex doll, huge butt sex dolls, and well-known brand process quality control is strict can be assured. For emerging manufacturers, their quality is influenced by their production experience, which causes inconsistent doll quality.


No matter what brand of doll, no matter how much the doll is, it needs to be sterilized before use.