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Ever since I was a boy I have been looking up girls skirts whenever possible. Since my voyeurism started at an early age I tend to prefer what I coveted first: girls in cotton print panties.

While they may seem boring to some or downright nubile to others I have a fascination with cotton print panties that knows no bounds. There are so many different kinds of print panties from the differing print subjects to the lace trim, or lack thereof.

While in my teens my favorite thing to do was strip poker. I got so good at it that I would give girls free bets here and there to make them feel like the game wasn’t so one sided. In the end I always won, but surprised the girls by letting them keep their panties on. All I wanted was for them to pull on the center a little for some camel toe.

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sexy girlfriend in frilly panties

I have one of the sexiest girlfriends in the world. We were invited to a friends house to sleep over and do some drinking. This friend is somebody she has known since grade school. She is still smoking hot at forty. I am talking drop dead gorgeous. Every single guy I know that has met her has taken spank bank snapshots of her with second and third looks. But she isn’t the subject of my post. My own girlfriend is.

When I met my girlfriend I knew she was the one for me once she dropped her drawers. She has one of the most perfect cleft of Venus pussies I have ever laid my eyes on and in this job I have seen quite a few. There was just one issue with her. She shaved her pussy in such a way that it kind of looked likeā€¦ Hitler.

Within days of meeting her I encouraged her to go completely bald. She wasn’t sure about it so I showed her the hairs I was pulling out of my mouth each time I ate her pussy. She felt bad about the public floss and agreed to shave herself bare. Since that day I have eaten her out every chance I can get. It helps that her pussy doesn’t smell like anything other than her skin. Her pussy nectar tastes like nothing else I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot of pussy!

Flash forward to our night at her friends house. My girlfriend’s friend noticed she has some pretty visible panty lines. After a while I could tell it was bugging her seeing them. Her friend knew that she used to wear thongs, so what was up with the panty lines? Before long she couldn’t help herself and she just had to ask about them.

My GF pulled down her sweats (it was a cold night of drinking) and showed off her lace trimmed panties. Her friend got this disgusted look on her face. She told my GF how they looked like little girls panties. Why would a grown woman wear little girls panties? She then shot me a disgusted look as well.

That was when the friend’s husband blurts out, "I dunno, they look sexy to me."

Oops! This sent her into a huff as she wondered allowed what was wrong with people.

So my GF pulls down her panties and flashes her beaver to her friend. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. Her friends eyes got even wider in shock. She stuck a finger into my chest asking me if I was some kind of pervert that liked little girls or something. She wanted to know why I was doing this to her friend.

And then her husband blurts out, "What is wrong with it? I think it looks delicious!" It didn’t help that he added, "I bet you don’t have to pick pubes out of your teeth when you are down there."

Her friend actually began to cry. After a while she calmed down. It was a little awkward until she sobered up the next day.

My girlfriend just got a call from her. Apparently she relented and shaved her own pussy. She loves it! She even bought some of those "retro" panties. LOL

I love my sexy GF!