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Samantha Kelly

I was recounting to a buddy of mine about how I had once fucked a girl in the shower before and he tells me about how I can get that same experience back. He had been frequenting a cam club called and they have a system setup so you can watch gold shows. It is basically where you split the bill among several guys in the room. So that $269 you see in the picture was split where I actually paid only 6 bucks. Some of the other guys paid as much as $50. I guess they have a bigger heart than I do.

Anway… My story was about a girl that was going to take a shower for me in her bra and panties. They went see through while she was in there. After a while she started to encourage me to jerk myself off. After several minutes of this I relented and came by the bucket load within a minute. Then we had some steamy sex in the shower.

So my buddy tells me about gold shows and I login and try it out. Seeing Samantha Kelly in the shower brought it all back. Her huge tits were popping out of that top she was wearing. Her panties went see through just like my girlfriends. Before long she was encouraging the guys to jerk off for her. Just like my previous encounter I came in no time at all, but the show hadn’t even started yet.

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Are you a freak about panties? Do you get more excited seeing a girl in panties then you do seeing a girl that is completely naked? Have you ever sniffed a girls panties or stolen a girls panties to cum in them? If you are answered yes to the above questions you might find to be to your liking.

This site has been around for almost ten years. During that time they have released a new panty job video every week. There are hundreds of videos and photo galleries waiting for you in the members area. Each panty job episode is encoded to play on any video capable device. The pictures capture each pantyjob in excellent detail.

Along with the main site you also get access to their sister sites dealing with hot babes in lipstick and lip gloss, secretaries, cheerleaders and soccer babes. All together this network is a feast for any guy with a panty fetish. Satisfy your hunger for girls in panties at Panty Jobs!

Virginia Sun

The people at have done it again. Somehow they have managed to create one of the most alluring panty galleries on the Internet. This time they used Virginia for their Virginia Sun MetArt gallery. She is a slender teen with some beautiful locks of hair. Her long limbs and petite figure make her look a lot taller than she really is. They, however, make her look as adorable as she really is as well.

You can find more of this cute teen in sexy panties in the Errotica Archives models section. They have plenty of free galleries of hers for you to enjoy. You can even find more girls with her slim figure.

With sites like Met Art Hunter you don’t have to join porn sites until you are sure you are confident about their content. They have lots of Virginia Sun galleries and add more galleries as they become available. is by far one of the largest collections of erotic nudes outside of the paysites themselves. You should check it out.

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You would be more likely to find a needle in a hay stack then to find a decent panty fetish site that understands the fetish. That is until you use an adult porn reviews site that goes deep into the members area and comes back with mounds of good information so you can make an informed purchase. There is only one site that is willing to put it all on the line and it’s name is Porn Tips.

When you read their reviews for sites like you are not left wondering about what is behind that login screen for the members area. In this case they let you know about the small, yet active community in the private forum. If you are a true panty fan you will find this forum to be populated by like minded individuals that are willing to share experiences and stories about their own panty related obsessions.

As with most sites they also give you details stats on the number of videos and photo sets available to you. You will get a break down of the video formats including both the resolutions and the codec used to encode the videos. They also let you know things about download limits. In this case it is 1.5GB per day. With daily updates the site has plenty of appeal and an 86.4 overall out of 100.

If you are only going to join one or two porn sites this month I suggest you read the adult porn reviews on and, in some cases, they can even save you money.

I cannot speak for all girls, but the ones in these free teen webcam chat rooms definitely do lounge around in their panties. The beauty of it is that they do this as a teaser to try and get you to buy an actual membership. As you can see watching the clip I recorded above it is very simple to just click the Later button and continue to watch a show completely free of charge.

As FlirtyAudrey moves her legs around her panties get wedged more and more into her pussy slit creating a nice camel toe. Again, she thinks she is keeping the good stuff from me by putting on those sexy soft panties, but she has no idea I am jerking it because she has them on!

This is the beauty of free webcam networks. Tons of girls in lingerie and you don’t even have to sign in to enjoy their shows. Enjoy hundreds of amateur girls and a dozen or so porn stars modeling their panties 24/7 at

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Jelena Jensen is more than just a porn star, she is an artist. Her brand of porn won’t put you to sleep or leave you wishing for more. She takes things to levels you never thought you would go to before. She has a huge set of fabulous tits and a body made for modeling lingerie. Which she does. Often!

In this little teaser from her site she temps you with her pink polka dot panties in a point of view video clip. It took me years to get my current girlfriend to realize sex with her panties on was way better then with them off. And that sometimes means grinding me to a climax.

Up your game with a girl that knows how to tease you with her panties on.

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Find your perfect match for pantyhose dating!

Will your girlfriend let you do this or would she freak out seeing you in her pantyhose? If you answered no you need a new girlfriend. I have the perfect spot for you to find her and it is not just a dating site, it is a pantyhose community!

While there you can find girls that won’t shy away from your extreme obsession with pantyhose. To them it isn’t an extreme obsession at all. It is a healthy way to shed some of the stress a week of work can put on you. It is a way for you to express yourself. She will know you aren’t having sex with her pantyhose like some sicko. You are having sex with her and her pantyhose.

Members get many benefits including pantyhose dating, live webcam chat between members, a private messaging system, view private photo and video galleries, search options with advanced components, and so much more!

Believe it or not there are plenty of hot girls, babes, MILF and mature women out there with a desire to model their pantyhose for you. Don’t go another night without sharing your bed with one of them. Click the photo above and enter you information for quick free access to like minded individuals looking for somebody like you!

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I have a think for girls in panties. I also have a thing for panties in general. My only problem is that my girlfriend doesn’t share my fetish for panties. She thinks it is absurd actually. This can be a problem, but I think I have found a solution.

My solution revolves around having live webcam sex with girls willing to model their panties for me online. That way I am not actually cheating on my GF and I get my fix. Some girls are modeling their panties in the free chat areas without realizing that for guys like us it is the ultimate fantasy. We can get off without having to pay!

So if you are in between lovers or your current one doesn’t share in your fetish you have alternatives that won’t rock the boat. Unless you want it to rock!


When it comes to lace panties I like the kind where they embroider a lot of designs into them. Girlie stuff like flowers, butterflies, strawberries, or whatever else helps a woman to look like a girl again. I know some women don’t like wearing girlie stuff like that, but they need to get over it and realize the panties aren’t just for their enjoyment. If they want to fuck a rock hard cock they should be willing to do whatever it takes.

Finding an ugly platinum blonde is not an easy feat to accomplish. Sorry if you were trying when you found my site because this blonde is smoking hot. Her tits are super firm, yet nice and plump. Her pussy has a landing strip with everything else shaved bare.

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What is it about socks and booty that makes for good porn?

Perhaps it is that you are getting a double dose of naughtiness? On one hand you want to receive a footjob from those sexy feet and on the other you want to rub your hard cock into those panties stretched around her ass.

Only Tease knows what you want and they know how to deliver it in a way that gets results. You won’t be left wanting with a membership to their network. They have every niche related to clothing covered… or uncovered!

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Seeing this gallery from Spunky Angels of Zoey in a pair of grandma panties really takes me back to my first panty boy experience. I was over at a neighbors house where the older sister was watching me. Not so much because I was too young to stay home alone, but because I liked to set shit on fire.

I walked into their bathroom and saw a pair of pink satin panties on top of the dirty clothes hamper. Somehow I forgot to lock the bathroom door and when I pulled my cock out to rub the soft material on them the door swung open. It was my babysitter and she was not happy.

To be honest I almost started crying. I was scared shitless. She pushed me further into the bathroom and came in closing the door behind her. She asked me what I was doing and when I just sat there unable to speak she snatched the panties from my hand. I tried to hide my cock with my hands, but she pulled them away.

Instead of getting soft my dick got harder. That kind of surprised me. I wanted more than anything for it to go down, not up.

My babysitter told me to get naked. I resisted for a bit, but she was pretty hardcore about it happening or she would tell my parents I was a naughty panty boy. Once I was naked she handed me the panties and told me to put them on. I was mortified. I had never done something like that. This was my first time jerking off into a pair of panties. Wearing something so soft and pink scared me.

She reached back and locked the bathroom door. I knew I wasn’t getting out of there until I put them on so I did. They were about the same size as the panties on Zoey above. Just a different color and material.

Once on I noticed how soft they felt on my hard cock, my balls and my butt cheeks. I wondered how girls walked around all day at school with these on and didn’t feel the need to masturbate every five minutes.

Now my babysitter commanded me to jerkoff in front of her. This I really didn’t want to do. I had never jerked off in front of anybody and just the idea that she knew I did it scared me. She pointed at the wet spot on the front of my panties. She said that meant I was horny and that I should jerkoff or I will get blue balls.

After some hushed arguing she threatened to open the door and call her younger brother over to see what a cute panty boy I was in my pink panties. I blushed and pleaded with her not to. I went to reach inside the hem of the panties to masturbate and she corrected me by telling me to jerkoff through the panties.

After several minutes of stroking my balls got tight and I needed to cum. I asked her for a towel, but she told me no and that I should cum in my panties. Again, this was all new to me. The idea of my cum all over me sickened me. She threatened me again and I started jerking myself off harder so that I would cum in the panties.

As my load shot out of my cock the panties got soaked all over the front. Gobs of cum ran down my stomach down to my balls pooling in the panties. When I was done she handed me a wash cloth and commanded me to wipe the panties down. After I was done doing that she pulled my underwear out of my shorts and handed the shorts to me. She wanted me to wear my cum soaked panties. I knew there was no point in arguing. I reluctantly put my shorts and t-shirt back on over the soft pink material.

Her sister and brother were in the living room watching TV. They perched themselves a few feet away from it on the floor. I headed over to the couch and after about five minutes I began jerking myself off into my panties again while they watched TV.

Spunky Angels has dozens of girls and years worth of porn that will bring memories back to you. It is a great place to relive the zany things that have happened in your life. The sites subject matter is so varied you will be able to find a girl, or girls, that fit perfectly into an old memory you’d like to relive.


Most tubes tend to focus on the hardcore aspects of sex and porn. I hate that because it leaves the micro-niches under served. is a different kind of tube site. It has plenty of hot babes doing all of the kinky stuff you’ve come to expect when it comes to panty porn.

Take this hot sex video for instance. Here they take panty stuffing to the extreme and use pantyhose instead! Those two tight bands are the leggings. She is really pulling them hard to get them to bunch up like that. Her pain is our gain!

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This hot pic of a girls lap at the beach fell into my lap today when I was perusing the members area at Watch My GF. They accept candid pics and amateur videos from around the world. It started out with guys uploading their ex-girlfriend pictures and then blossomed into a monster cache of amateur porn.

These days girls are beginning to upload pictures of themselves. I guess they are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame? Some girls even post videos of themselves masturbating. Why? I dunno. But I can’t say that I don’t enjoy watching them!

Obtain immediate access to tons of panty porn at and say hello to truly amazing upskirts that are 100% real!

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Some guys are into hardcore. They want to see a cock in a pussy or some chicks asshole until it is gaping and they don’t want to see any foreplay whatsoever. Personally I think those guys are lame. To me sex is more than just getting my dick wet. I want a girl to be sensual in more ways then one.

Having sex with a woman wearing a seductive satin negligee can send you into sensory overload. First there is the sense of sight. Satin has a way of instilling a sense of passion. Visually it is a barrage of color that tells your skin to get ready for something soft. Then you feel it. The soft material feels as silky as her warm pussy. You smell the fabric softener as she dips in to envelop your face with her satin covered boobs.

If you have a passion for satin that runs as deep as mine I suggest you try Satin Silk Fun tonight. Hundreds of girls wearing soft things meant to tease the cum out of you!


Believe it or not most girls have fantasies just as sick and twisted as your own. Girls fantasize about things like getting caught masturbating, getting raped, fucking two guys at once and more. Some girls even fantasize about catching a boy like you peeking up their skirt or playing with their panties.

UK Upskirts is the premier purveyor of panty porn. No other site understands your needs like they do. Their models are experts in taking you to the edge and pushing you over it. They will make you feel happy you found them. They will also make you feel dirty for being the naughty boy that you are.


All boys make some kind of effort to look up a girls skirt. Some make more of an effort than others. You were one of those boys that made every effort afforded to you. Whether you were dropping pencils in class or positioning yourself for some upskirt views of girls coming down the slide, you learned at an early age to get what you want. Now this girl is going to show you just how naughty you have been!


What she doesn’t know is that you have been wanting to share your secret love of panties for a long time. You have been wanting to cum all over a girls feet while she teases you with her panty show. You have been yearning to be submissive to a girl looking for a panty boy.

Now you have found her and she has some very sexy friends. Join UK Upskirts for a never ending supply of panties. Watch the videos even after you cancel. Enjoy the new videos each week as a recurring member. Enjoy your new panty fetish home!